Monday, June 1, 2009

A True Tennis Fan

Even if Nadal loses Wimbledon, I will still watch tennis. Even if, Djokovic doesn't play great I will still watch tennis. Even if Federer, Roddick or Murray win French Open, I will still watch tennis. Stunned ao to WHY? I will watch the game because I love the game and don't watch it for the players. Even if all my teenage life I have supported Rafael Nadal I will still watch the French Open, just to see who wins and how everyone is playing. 5 reason's why I consider myself a true TENNIS FAN:-
I) I do no give justifications or petty excuses as a supporter of a player for her?his loss. The reason is simple s?he didnt play well, so didnt win. Not because they were ill or ANOTHER PLAYER PHOBIA!!!!
II) I watch the game for it's rallies and not for the ACE'S!! The rallies, the running, the slam shots and the agression makes tge game click for me.
III) The player I support does not cry when he loses in the grand slam which is considered his and his alone.
IV) I do not switch off the television when my favourite player is losing.
V) I graciously and calmly accept the defeat of my favourite player.

Yes, there were promises I made to myself after Nadal los. These promises were:-
If Federer wins:- I will not watch any grand slam.
If Murray wins:- I will not watch tennis at all. Be it Grand Slam or ATP masters. \
If Roddick wins:- The word "tennis" doesn't exist in my life.

If Soderling wins:- I will continue to watch tennis the way I do. Oh! Come on Nadal fans accept it he was good, real good. For some reason Nadal was not better.

I would as a tennis watcher love to see Robin Soderling come up but a a Nadal fan would not like him to come up. Two contradictory thoughts together in a mind can be very disstressing!!!! I will forever love tennis. And it will be a Novak v/s Rafael final in Wimbledon. You just wait and watch!!


  1. eventhough i aacompanied you with every promise that was made after that rafa v/s soderling match, i'm glad you are not going to follow it, neither am i . dont worry man, next time it has to djokovic.
    oh btw potro is really good too. murray lost!!! fed will. love the photographs that you've chosen, shows them as champs!!!

  2. Now i know why you follow tennis :D