Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Vacations- Ya Right

On the 12th of May 2009, the thought of summer vacations croses a 17 year old's mind. Yes...... finally no more studying day in and day out for horrible Unit Tests. Okay! Atleast for two months not studying. Well thats what you think. Wait till the evening. You have an amazing time on net, watching T.V. and listening to your I-POD. Oh! And also take a bath for an hour. Afterall, you have all the time in the world for the next month and half. Again, thats what you think!! Wait till "SUMMER VACATIONS" become the worst nitghtmare instead of a long awaited sweet dream!!
At four you realise, I should probably lift myself up from the couch and go for tuition. Afterall, it's only a harmless two hours of accounts tuition. With a lot of effort and cribbing, you start walking mindlessly to the tuition center. Just then at the tuition center, your "so called VACATIONS come to an end. As soon as the words summer Vacations started reaches my tuition teacher's ears he announce's a test. We have to do two and half chapters by next week. Now if that wasnt enough we will most probably hav classes 5 days a week conssecutively and most probably early morning. Ah! Back to school! Oh! And out of sympathy he is going to give us the weekends off! WOAH! :O Isn't he sweet?
12th May 9:30 A.M. Summer vacations start
12th May 4:35 P.M. Summer vacations come to an end :(
You had planned to watch movies, sleep like a maniac and probably eat but guess what your schedule's like:
13Th June: Music Theory Exam { You are giving Grade 4 and you dont know a NOTE}
16Th May: Economics Tuition Test { Already hav a test pendiong there}
17Th May: Maths Tuition Test
And this is the starting of vacations. OH! And my maths tuition teacher also plans to take consecutive classes for two or three weeks in the morning. (Maybe) Well..... I guess now it's time to say "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"
P.S. : A and S be happy . Nazar lag gayi mere luck ko tum dono ki!!


  1. i'm so happy and content at last :D
    *hi5 to aku*

  2. meanie!!!! and u think of me as sibling!! ya right...... meanie!!! thodi toh daya dekha de yaar pls!!! :(

  3. *hi5 to suku*
    U think of her as ur sibling??? God bless u suku! Btw,our timetable last summer was way worse then yours so it doesn't luk dat much to me :P

  4. what was our timetable last summer?