Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions Of A Broken Writer

Sometimes when you study do the letters or numbers seem like they are dancing? It's not a sign of a budding dancer in you but the sign of you not understanding a word in that subject.

Let me introduce you to Miss. XYZ. She's a regular teenage, who goes too school and leads a normal life. It's only when she is studying a particular subject, namely ACCOUNTS, that she starts penning down her thoughts. For days she does this and thinks of it as a budding writer. The writing bit takes up the time when she should be studying. Oh! Did I mention that she hates the subject? She doesn't understand the logic behind it and feels like tearing the HUGE BOOK apart. She has no clue about what chapter is being taught is school at the moment. Well... Getting back to the writing part. Days pass by and turn into weeks but she continues to write and doesn't realise that this writing is not going to get her a seat in college.

One dark morning when she fails in accounts she realises that the writing was indeed a mode of escaping studies and not a natural talent.

Does the story remind you of someone? You? It does. Yeah.... A Miss. XYZ does exist in all of us. All of us have done everything except studying our worst subject. Unfortunately, in case of Miss. XYZ she thought it was an actual talent. Now, was it? Or was it just an escape from the subject?

Now, the broken writer is confused. So, the next time the words in the Economics book seem like lyrics from a song ignore it. It's not the budding musician in you. It's just an element of distraction. Get rid of this element as soon as you can.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Do you remember the stage in your life when relationships were not defined in a set manner? Do you remember when being friendly with the opposite sex was not considered as "FLIRTING?"
I remember that time. It was called "KINDERGARTEN."

Kindergarten was the time when playing in the mud (some people eating it also :P) was considered fun. It was the time when the world seemed to be painted by taking rainbow as the brush. A for Apple, B for Ball. It was such a simple life. The greatest tension of one's life then was "tom and jerry missed. hawwww!!"

We grew up and realised that the world is not painted by taking rainbow as the brush. It may be full of these vibrant colours but then it has been splashed with black spots everywhere. we want to believe that one day we will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We want to believe that on the eve of Christmas night comes Santa with Rudolph leading the sleigh. But why don't we?

With this i come back to my first question why is it that relationships are described in such a set manner? Why is it that rumors bring joy to people? Why is it always he likes her and she lies him? Maybe there is more than liking to any relationship!

I wish I could go back to kindergarten where liking didn't matter. where"I Love You" meant you are an amazing friend. It was the time when "Flirting" didn't exist. Kindergarten I miss you.
I miss being a kid. I miss believing in Santa. I miss playing in the park. I miss reading noddy and tinkle. I miss those colouring books. I miss you childhood. I genuinely miss you and i wish i coukd have you back in my life. :(