Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seven Years- Part 1

Seven years since they last spoke to each other. Seven years since their fight.

Is it time yet?

Is it the right time to tell her?

Do u think it will affect her?

Do u think it will bother her today? It has been seven years after all.

Does she even remember her? No, of course she remembers her. It’ll actually be shocking if she has completely forgotten her.

I remember 31st March 2003 as though it was yesterday.

The sun shone brightly in the sky and the 17 year old me had woken upto the chirping birds. I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and hop into the car. Afterall today was the day me, Trisha and Ria were to go on our picnic. A picnic before the dreaded 12th std started. Little did I know that this outing would turn out to be a nightmare. I put on my best pair of jeans with a red top and sneakers. I want to get out of the house as soon as I could. But the glass of milk and bread stopped me in my plans. My mother was one person, who would never let me leave the house on an empty stomach. As a routine to please her and see her ever shining smile I sit down at the table and finish the breakfast.

I reach Ria’s house a little before 9 o’clock. The day seems perfect for the picnic with the sun shining bright in the sky and not a cloud in sight. It seemed to be the perfect day. Ria, as a habit, was running late and her phone was ringing off the hook with calls only from Trisha. I, sometimes, envied the bond that Trisha and Ria shared. They were the best friends one could ever meet. They knew understood each other well but were as different as chalk and cheese. Ria the perfect supermodel with the world’s best manicured nails and clothes whilst Trisha the captain of the school volleyball team, who had never touched nail paint let alone manicured nails. I guess they say opposites attract.

“Ok Ok! We are leaving in two minutes.” Ria entered the room with the phone in one hand and hand sanitizer in the other. Ria took her bag and with a smile said “we better leave before Trisha brings her whole house down.” Within a few minutes we were in the car, driving to Trisha’s place.

We get down the car and take in the fresh air of the picnic spot. The sun was shining more brightly now. We take our baskets filled with sandwiches and muffins and pick the spot under the tree. Under the shade of the tree we started talking.

“So, from tomorrow we start 12th standard. How do u guys feel?” Ria pulled a face and Trisha just smiled.

After a long pause Trisha said, “I don’t know. I think I am going to miss it after it’s over. You know the being called to principal’s office every day, the volleyball team and of course us.” What do u mean us? We won’t let u miss us.” retorted Ria. “We’ll be right here to remind u that we exist if u forget us. Anyway I have something to tell you guys. I am dating someone since a month.”

Trisha and I eyed each other with suspicion. Ria’s list of boyfriends were longer than her shopping list and that is saying something.

Ignoring our looks Ria continued with her story. “So, I am dating Rahul. He asked me out last month duing our finals and I couldn’t tell you people because we were so busy studying. Anyway, he is so cute no? And I am telling you.......”

I had lost Ria completely by now as my focus had shifted to Trisha, who looked as though she was experiencing a lot of emotions right now.

I was fervently wishing Ria would stop talking and notice that she had lost Trisha and me by now. I wished Ria would see what I could see right now and what everyone in school thought was true. I had started to realise now that what everyone talked behind Trisha’s back was true. I could see it clearly that she liked Rahul, no matter how much she tried to hide it I could now see it clearly.

“Hello? Hello? Ananyaa are you with me? Trisha? Am I talking to myself?” Ria looked annoyed now. She had, as always, expected her friends to be happy for her. I, personally, had no idea whether to be happy or sad.

After what seemed like an eternity Trisha spoke and could only say, how can you date Rahul? I could see the tears in Trisha’s eyes. Ria was, clearly, not expecting this reaction .

“Wha... What do you mean? He is a nice guy.” Trisha was shaking with anger now and tears started flowing down her cheek. She spoke through her sobs and all I could comprehend was “Ria I like Rahul. How could u ever do this to me? How can you date him?”

“But, Trisha I didn’t know you liked him. If I knew..”

“If I knew then what would u have done Ria? You are my best friend I thought you would understand that I like him. I thought you would get it that I like him.” Trisha’s voice had reached a new octave by now.

“What do you expect out of me Trisha? Do you expect me to be a mind reader? If you liked him you should have told me. I am no Psychic you know.”

“I think its time we left for home. I don’t want to sit here with a friend who betrayed me. A friend who knows she is wrong but will never accept it. Come on Ananyaa.”

Before I could make my mind whether to get up or sit down Ria got up and said, “even I want to go home now. I don’t want to be here. Infact Trisha it would be better if we never spoke again.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more Ria. Let’s just tolerate each other the way back home. Come on Ananyaa.”

The way back home seemed longer than ever. I didn’t know how to react to the situation. I was stuck between two friends. I didn’t know who was right and who was wrong. I didn’t know whose side to be on. I could hear my mom’s words clearly now “As you grow up, you will realise sometimes in a fight it’s not one person’s fault.”

I could see that today. Trisha was right in her own way and so was Ria. I had expected them to start talking by the time we reached home but they didn’t. They didn’t talk the next week. They didn’t talk for the next 7 years.

Today, on the 19th of November 2010 I am sitting in my office beyond the working hours. I have a cup of coffee in one hand and the cell phone in the other. I have been staring at the same phone number since the past 5 hours, contemplating whether to call or not. A part of me wants to tell her everything but another part of me is scared what if she doesn’t care anymore? With fumbling fingers I press the green dial button. It was 4 in the morning, a sleepy voice answered my call, “Hullo.”

“Hi Ria. This is Ananyaa.”

To be continued...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Even after reaching the classroom breathless my eyes are searching for you amidst the twenty people present. My heart skips a beat when I spot your wavy black hair. I walk upto my desk in the best possible manner passing by you wishing you would notice me. On the other hand, you are busy cracking a joke with your friends. How is that even when I look my best you don't notice me?
Even when I spend an hour getting ready you don't look at me?

The teacher enters and class starts. As usual you are called to the front bench. You walk up to the front desk with dreamy eyes and a bored expression on your face. Honestly, would it hurt to pay attention for a while? It would just help you but you are not the kinds. You will sit on the first bench and crack as many jokes as possible. Everyone laughs at them but I wish just once you would turn around and see that I was the one who was laughing the heartiest. Just once maybe you would notice that when you are flirting with the hottest girl in class a part of me dies. A simple "hi" from you would make my day but I seem to be Miss Non-existent for you. Why? Oh! Why is the world so mean to me?

Well........ seems like a story close to you? In our teenage years, we all have fallen for atleast one guy who has never noticed us. It seems like the end of the world then, but lets sit down and think about it. What if he had said "hi" to you? What if he had complimented you on your looks? What if he turned around and saw you laugh? Do you think you would have gone out with him? Do u think he was the guy to go out with? For once lets look at the other side. Maybe its better he didn't say hi to you. Maybe its a good thing that you are Miss Non-Existent for him. Maybe he was a guy you wouldn't have liked at all. Think about it what if Mr. Cute guy in class was Mr.Moron suddenly. Think about it who would you stare at and day dream? Maybe its for your own good that he doesn't notice you. Keep it that way. I, personally, have started believing that every crush doesn't necessarily have to turn into a relationship. Keep it (or rather him :P) as a crush. A crush who you can stare at in a boring lecture.

So, Happy crushing to you and me. =D

PS: Need a title for this post! Suggestions are welcomed (rather suggestions are needed).

Monday, June 7, 2010

To u and u and Of course U!!

When I've lost all hope, you have been the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I've cried, you were the tissue.

When I've laughed, you were the joke.

When I've danced, you were the music
When I wanted advice, you were the agony aunt.

When I wanted a friend, you were "________ _______"

I couldn't think of only one name here..........

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions Of A Broken Writer

Sometimes when you study do the letters or numbers seem like they are dancing? It's not a sign of a budding dancer in you but the sign of you not understanding a word in that subject.

Let me introduce you to Miss. XYZ. She's a regular teenage, who goes too school and leads a normal life. It's only when she is studying a particular subject, namely ACCOUNTS, that she starts penning down her thoughts. For days she does this and thinks of it as a budding writer. The writing bit takes up the time when she should be studying. Oh! Did I mention that she hates the subject? She doesn't understand the logic behind it and feels like tearing the HUGE BOOK apart. She has no clue about what chapter is being taught is school at the moment. Well... Getting back to the writing part. Days pass by and turn into weeks but she continues to write and doesn't realise that this writing is not going to get her a seat in college.

One dark morning when she fails in accounts she realises that the writing was indeed a mode of escaping studies and not a natural talent.

Does the story remind you of someone? You? It does. Yeah.... A Miss. XYZ does exist in all of us. All of us have done everything except studying our worst subject. Unfortunately, in case of Miss. XYZ she thought it was an actual talent. Now, was it? Or was it just an escape from the subject?

Now, the broken writer is confused. So, the next time the words in the Economics book seem like lyrics from a song ignore it. It's not the budding musician in you. It's just an element of distraction. Get rid of this element as soon as you can.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Do you remember the stage in your life when relationships were not defined in a set manner? Do you remember when being friendly with the opposite sex was not considered as "FLIRTING?"
I remember that time. It was called "KINDERGARTEN."

Kindergarten was the time when playing in the mud (some people eating it also :P) was considered fun. It was the time when the world seemed to be painted by taking rainbow as the brush. A for Apple, B for Ball. It was such a simple life. The greatest tension of one's life then was "tom and jerry missed. hawwww!!"

We grew up and realised that the world is not painted by taking rainbow as the brush. It may be full of these vibrant colours but then it has been splashed with black spots everywhere. we want to believe that one day we will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We want to believe that on the eve of Christmas night comes Santa with Rudolph leading the sleigh. But why don't we?

With this i come back to my first question why is it that relationships are described in such a set manner? Why is it that rumors bring joy to people? Why is it always he likes her and she lies him? Maybe there is more than liking to any relationship!

I wish I could go back to kindergarten where liking didn't matter. where"I Love You" meant you are an amazing friend. It was the time when "Flirting" didn't exist. Kindergarten I miss you.
I miss being a kid. I miss believing in Santa. I miss playing in the park. I miss reading noddy and tinkle. I miss those colouring books. I miss you childhood. I genuinely miss you and i wish i coukd have you back in my life. :(