Sunday, October 17, 2010


Even after reaching the classroom breathless my eyes are searching for you amidst the twenty people present. My heart skips a beat when I spot your wavy black hair. I walk upto my desk in the best possible manner passing by you wishing you would notice me. On the other hand, you are busy cracking a joke with your friends. How is that even when I look my best you don't notice me?
Even when I spend an hour getting ready you don't look at me?

The teacher enters and class starts. As usual you are called to the front bench. You walk up to the front desk with dreamy eyes and a bored expression on your face. Honestly, would it hurt to pay attention for a while? It would just help you but you are not the kinds. You will sit on the first bench and crack as many jokes as possible. Everyone laughs at them but I wish just once you would turn around and see that I was the one who was laughing the heartiest. Just once maybe you would notice that when you are flirting with the hottest girl in class a part of me dies. A simple "hi" from you would make my day but I seem to be Miss Non-existent for you. Why? Oh! Why is the world so mean to me?

Well........ seems like a story close to you? In our teenage years, we all have fallen for atleast one guy who has never noticed us. It seems like the end of the world then, but lets sit down and think about it. What if he had said "hi" to you? What if he had complimented you on your looks? What if he turned around and saw you laugh? Do you think you would have gone out with him? Do u think he was the guy to go out with? For once lets look at the other side. Maybe its better he didn't say hi to you. Maybe its a good thing that you are Miss Non-Existent for him. Maybe he was a guy you wouldn't have liked at all. Think about it what if Mr. Cute guy in class was Mr.Moron suddenly. Think about it who would you stare at and day dream? Maybe its for your own good that he doesn't notice you. Keep it that way. I, personally, have started believing that every crush doesn't necessarily have to turn into a relationship. Keep it (or rather him :P) as a crush. A crush who you can stare at in a boring lecture.

So, Happy crushing to you and me. =D

PS: Need a title for this post! Suggestions are welcomed (rather suggestions are needed).


  1. Ah. But you know something, it's even better when you know he skips a beat too, and THAT is why he doesn't say hi to you.
    Crushing is VERY good, yep, but something more, is just that cherry on the cake.
    Read your blog after very long - liked it :)
    Title: Nicely crushed.

  2. "A crush who you can stare at in a boring lecture.

    Totally! :)

    Nice post.
    Cant think of a decent title. :|

  3. i guess this is something every girl can relate to..!! i really like this..1! :D