Monday, November 19, 2012

Dont we all want to be the Almighty?

Me: If I had my way I would make things fine in one day. :)
Haren: Bruce Almighty?

A senti dialogue got me a Bruce Almighty from a friend who can never see me cry. I shall introduce you readers to this character very soon but today is not the day!  Today is the day I want to talk about my desire to be god.

Off late I have noticed this pattern in me to try and make things fine but not succeeding. What does that do to me? Makes me irritated, frustrated with life. Such situations make me wish I could have all the powers to change in my hand.

Dont we all want to change tiny little things in our life? Dont we all want to be the almighty and make those changes possible? Are we all stuck in this phase of life where we want to make a difference, where we want to change something but we cant?

PS: I am working on Seven Years! I still havent lost hope there.