Friday, December 14, 2012

Seven Years: Part 5

PS: Read the other parts before starting this.

"Oh, Ananyaa, wait! I forgot the car keys." Ria ran back to the house for the "n" th time. I could feel the nervousness in her voice as well as the walk. It had been seven years since they last spoke to each other. To be honest, even I was scared. I had no clue how Trisha would react on seeing Ria at her doorstep . Would she be mad at me for seeking help from Ria? All these questions would be answered in a while now.

Ria pulled her car into Trisha's driveway and was sweating like a pig. I looked at her and smiled . I was at a loss of words. I didnt know what to say to bring down her nervousness.

The elevator stopped on the 26th floor. I got out and rung the bell.

A very tired and worn out Trisha opened the door.

"Oh Ananyaa! What a pleasant "

Trisha saw who was with me. Ria was looking straight at her and didnt change her gaze for even a moment.

"Hi Trisha. Can we come in? We have to talk about something important." I didnt know what else to say.

A very stunned Trisha stepped aside and let us in. Ria and I settled on the couch. Trisha, who was still surprised, was at the door trying to figure out what to say.

Ria looking at the situation was the first to speak, "How have you been?"

Hearing this, Trisha burst out crying at the doorstep and all we could hear through her sobs were, "I'm sorry. My daughter!" Before I could go and comfort my friend I saw Ria by her side. She was helping Trisha to get on her feet and bought her to the shifting area.

It took us almost an hour to make Trisha stop crying. Her life had fallen apart since she learnt of her daughter's illness. She kept saying no one deserves to go through so much pain. Ria and I kept looking at each other for help. We both were as clueless as the other on how to bring up the topic  without causing anymore pain. It was hurtful to see her cry like this. When Trisha was finally sober, it was again Ria who spoke.

"I would like to meet your daughter. Can I? "

Trisha took us to a small room, where there was a cot in the middle. She signalled us to be quiet as we stepped inside. Ria and I looked in the cot and saw an extremely beautiful child wrapped in a blanket sleeping peacefully. She had a round face and looked at peace, yet you could see the pain she was suffering. I looked up to see Ria still looking at the child with an affectionate smile. Trisha, who was standing behind her, signalled me to come out of the room. As we left the room, Ria followed.

"Would you both like some lunch?"

"Yes, Trisha. But lets order in. Dont cook anything." This was the first time I spoke since we had entered the house. Trisha simply nodded and left to order.

"How am I supposed to bring up the topic again?" asked Ria as soon as Trisha left the room.

"I have no clue. We have to make sure she realises all hope is not lost. But how? "

"You know what, leave it to me."

Ria looked confident for the first time since morning. I was starting to believe she had a plan in mind. I was starting to believe my friend.

"So the food will take 40 minutes to come."

"Trisha! I want you to sit down and listen to me."

Trisha followed her instructions and sat down on the couch.

"I want you to know that I have come to help you as a friend. I want you to know that you have both, Ananyaa and me, by your side during these rough times. Am I making sense to you? "

Trisha looked up at Ria and nodded.

"Also, my mom has a number of a doctor in Russia who could help you with Thalassemia. I suggest you definitely consult him as he is a specialist. I really think.." Before Ria could finish Trisha was up on her feet and hugging her. 

"Thank you so much. You have no clue how much this means to me." 

I was looking at my friends speak to each other after seven years. I was finally beginning to feel everything will be fine. 

Trisha and Ria came by my side and looked at the same spot that I was staring at for a while now. Through the crack of the door we saw the baby sleeping peacefully. We sat like this for long when the bell rang and Ria went to open it. Trisha closed the door completely and went to keep the number safely. I saw hope in her eyes and a content smile since she had come to India. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

Dont we all want to be the Almighty?

Me: If I had my way I would make things fine in one day. :)
Haren: Bruce Almighty?

A senti dialogue got me a Bruce Almighty from a friend who can never see me cry. I shall introduce you readers to this character very soon but today is not the day!  Today is the day I want to talk about my desire to be god.

Off late I have noticed this pattern in me to try and make things fine but not succeeding. What does that do to me? Makes me irritated, frustrated with life. Such situations make me wish I could have all the powers to change in my hand.

Dont we all want to change tiny little things in our life? Dont we all want to be the almighty and make those changes possible? Are we all stuck in this phase of life where we want to make a difference, where we want to change something but we cant?

PS: I am working on Seven Years! I still havent lost hope there. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perhaps I'm back!

Yes, yes I'm back.

My last blog post reads 8th March 2011. Now thats a long time isnt it? In that time its not that I have completely stopped writing but I prefer to keep them to myself. If ever needed I shall update you on them too.

Why am I back? Cos I'm stressed. Cos I'm upset. Cos life's not been fair off late.

So why writing? Cos I dont need to get drunk or smoke up to get that high. I need writing to get a high and forget everything.

Will I finish Seven Years? Hopefully, in days to come I'll have something in store for you regarding Seven Years.

Will I write something new? YES!!!!

**Opens a new folder names it "I paint with words."**