Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sometimes in life, you become so close to people that you start taking them for granted and don't realise their value. It is after they leave that we realise how deeply they meant to us. It may not have happened to you but it has happened with me. As a veteran to this situation I wish no one suffers this ever in their life. The empty feeling, the feeling that something very vital is missing and most importantly the feeling of lossing out.
I have never been a sort of a person who shares deep down very personal feelings with everybody. In my 11th I opened up with those thoughts of mine, which I never share with anyone, to particular 12thies. The whole of 11th I never realised how much they meant to me. I cried when they left and was genuinely sad that they were not going to be around. The sadness never struck me till I entered 12th and after the summer vacations. I always thought its going to be the same whether they are in school or not. It doesnt really matter. We spend half our day in school right? This is the most important fact that i forgot. I go to school, have friends around me but deep down I feel those two's absence. I have tried getting that close to ohter people but I doubt trust and friendship can ever come forcefully. It only took me some months to open upto both of them. When i sit in school look out in the corridor I am reminded of tyhose days when I used to sit in the same class but with a very different set of people. The way I was always referred to as "THE KID". [Yes......... I miss that too..... :(] The way I discussed everything on this earth with no hessitation. The way SARCASM was always understood. I agree i talk to both of them on the phone everyday but the face to face thing is a different thing all together. I dont know whether they feel my absence or not but i do and this absence hurts deep. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! LOADS!!!!
This is for BOTH of you.
To A: "Jaane Kyun" I Hate(love) you!!!
To S: "Aslam Bhai" I know so much about American Pie because I have an elder brother, my best friend is a guy and my potential BF is also a guy. *touchwood*
PS: This post is not meant to be offending its just the way I feel!!!