Thursday, May 27, 2010

Confessions Of A Broken Writer

Sometimes when you study do the letters or numbers seem like they are dancing? It's not a sign of a budding dancer in you but the sign of you not understanding a word in that subject.

Let me introduce you to Miss. XYZ. She's a regular teenage, who goes too school and leads a normal life. It's only when she is studying a particular subject, namely ACCOUNTS, that she starts penning down her thoughts. For days she does this and thinks of it as a budding writer. The writing bit takes up the time when she should be studying. Oh! Did I mention that she hates the subject? She doesn't understand the logic behind it and feels like tearing the HUGE BOOK apart. She has no clue about what chapter is being taught is school at the moment. Well... Getting back to the writing part. Days pass by and turn into weeks but she continues to write and doesn't realise that this writing is not going to get her a seat in college.

One dark morning when she fails in accounts she realises that the writing was indeed a mode of escaping studies and not a natural talent.

Does the story remind you of someone? You? It does. Yeah.... A Miss. XYZ does exist in all of us. All of us have done everything except studying our worst subject. Unfortunately, in case of Miss. XYZ she thought it was an actual talent. Now, was it? Or was it just an escape from the subject?

Now, the broken writer is confused. So, the next time the words in the Economics book seem like lyrics from a song ignore it. It's not the budding musician in you. It's just an element of distraction. Get rid of this element as soon as you can.


  1. There's only one thing that struck me while reading this - 'Truth Hurts'

    Since we're born we're told that we can be anything we want to be......but sooner or later, you just realize it won't happen. We're brought up to believe we can be Rockstars, Authors, Actors, Painters, and then we realize it's a distant dream....and we're very very pissed off.

  2. Now that i can't seem to write anythin one of the main things i actually figured out sometym bck was that writing poems or random stuff for me was a mode to escape as well in 12th std.Though i never thought dat i was even anything close to a good writer, i hoped that tym would continue because of the happiness i felt after writing anything decent bt sadly once i am in college now i can't seem to write. And i have realised that maybe writing was a way to escape for me like u have mentioned and its best for me to let it be that way unless someday(which i hope it will happen) ill be able to get enough inspiration to write something no matter how ordinary it is.
    So i cherish the time when i could write something and call it my own and ill just hope dat i can do it again :)

  3. I agree with UjSen.
    We are forced to become what others want us to be..
    But this 'talent' does somewhat help us to escape the realities of life!