Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Multiplex Owners V/s Producers: A Boon Or A Bane

The much talked about news nowadays is not the elections but the fight between the multiplex owners and producers. Oh! Its earth shattering that since almost two weeks or so no new hindi movie has released. My God! Thats a bad news for movie buffs like me. But guess what? I think its a boon. Surprised!! Well it all started with me not deciding to watch movies (except Harry Potter-6) during this crucial board year of my life. The same Friday no new movie reaches the PVR's. WOW! Am I not lucky? Since that week no new movie has released, which I would die to watch. Yeah!! OK! PLease seriously stop cursing me. I did not wish that movies stop releasing at all. Okay maybe i just prayed that no "OH MY GOD!! AMAZING MUST WATCH MOVIES" release this year. Now I did not want the bliss of watching STUPID movies be taken from you guys.
I feel really sorry for all the people who passed 10Th and 12Th in march 2009. No mivoes to watch na...... Tsk Tsk. Still remains a boon for me. I hope this continues for a long time.
P.S.: Don't Be JEALOUS of my LUCK!!!!! Nazar mat lagao.... :P
By the way my baby(blog) turned a month old!!! YEAH!!!


  1. I have been cursing every damn producer and multiplex owner since our boards have got over and u r tryin to take sadistic pleasure in our sorrow? HOW CAN YOU!
    Meri nazar lag gayi hain..Bhagwaan kare dat the best movies are released whn u r preparing for your exams especially you pre-boards and boards.
    CURSES FRM ME! @-/

  2. SADIST. i second aku's curse!