Monday, April 20, 2009

Teenager Studying or Just Me?

Have you ever wondered why all the random thoughts come while studying? Wondering what kind of random thoughts? Well...........those thoughts which will not matter to you even in a million years (i.e. if you are alive). Don't get offensive I was just being realistic :P.
I sit down before my eco notes trying to study for this "ultra-important" tuition test. Obviously its "ultra-important" test because it was the first test I was giving, I had to prove I know eco and not a DHUD!!! But my mind has other plans for me that night. I have an hour long uninterrupted messaging with 4 people simultaneously. Why does messaging people not strike me when i am cribbing about getting bored? It is only during study time that the cell phone seems like an OSCAR ....... no better GRAMMY which needs to be shown off. Obviously... messaging people does show that you own a cell phone so "show off" ( ya... I am one). After a good session of messaging I should be refreshed and get back to studying. But no....... my eyes fall on the really cool grey I-POD sitting on the bed. Thats it.... there goes the eco comes the I-POD. Search........ Search..... Search....... OH! Come on out of 500 (technically471) songs at least one must be worth listening. Eventhough i won't be listening to more than a stanza of every song....... I will still listen and not study. Okay! I-Pod gets boring. Now the convincing starts. I try to convince myself to study but just then my wandering eyes catch a glimpse of the LANDLINE. The landline is not an oscar, its an angel sent from heaven. An invisible force pulls me towards it, I start pressing numbers . Tring...... Tring...... Madam sleepy head picks up the phone. So, I like a good soul let her continue her beauty sleep. So what if she is sleeping i press more numbers and talk to someone else for an hour. It's one in the night and realisation finally strikes me when i see a message which reads "Only PPC left...... Will do it tomorrow morning". And that idiot has his exam at 12 and I have it at 9! Like a shameless fool I tell myself "better late than never Prats." Welcome back eco notes...... I start cramming them...... Well thats what our education system demands right? Atleast CBSE does. TICK TOCK.......... TICK TOCK............. time is slowing down. Who said time flies? Have you noticed while texting, listening to music and talking on the phone the clock seems invisible? Its only while studying that it becomes visible and the TICK TOCK seema like blaring music.
The alarm rings. OH NO!!! It's 8:00 in the morning and test is in an hour. When did I sleep? I was supposed to study the whole night. What happened to that plan? So...... Is this just me or a normal teenager studying? I guess it's an average teenager studying. Come on .... people lets take the blame together. PLEASE


  1. lol!
    i'm so proud of you for not having studied.

    P.S. - i dont need beauty sleep :P

  2. I knew it was Sukanya! Haha.
    Aww, she is my Eddy Teddy by the way, did you know? :P
    She shouldn't even SLEEP, yknow :|
    She should watch me sleep :)
    (She'll kill me for this, I know :P)

    And, Prat, honey, it's totally normal.
    Happens with everyone.
    Hell, it's happening with me right NOW.
    It's okay. It's just the first test na.
    You have millions more to give.
    You'll do goooooood :)
    Trust me.
    If I can do Eco (and the other subjects), anyone can ;)

  3. AND, your writing skills don't suck.. so change the name, RIGHT NOW :P