Saturday, June 13, 2009


Finaly, the hectic schedule of attending tuitions is getting over. All the time running around, doing homework is finally coming to an end on the 13th of JUNE. Yes.....Now I can finally say MY summer VACAYIONS haver STARTED!!!! Yes... I will still hav eco tuitions twice a week but its only twice a week ya!! Now, I can sleep the whole day, OH! I am also going for a holiday to MUMBAI! YEAH!!! My much awaited holiday is finally taking place now. For most people 13th is an unlucky unlucky date but for me its very lucky. My Accounts tuition got over on 11th JUNE. My Maths tuition got over today and I am also donbe with my theory exam. Now, for a week I am off to Mumbai, visiting Essel WORLD anbd many other places. Then i will fullfill my quota of SLEEPING day in and day out. Of course in between all this I will take out time generously for my ACCOUNTA project and the SO-CALLED semester test of my ECO tuition. All in all its the start of my vacations. YEAH!!! :)
P.s.: yesterday my blog turned two months old!!!


  1. have fun kid! and your holidays would have started earlier if you would have listened to me and not been sucha nerd. doing homework, god! ghor kalyug. *looks for aku*

    P.S - i think you need english tuitions now.

  2. i noe my spellings r bad but tht doesnt mean i need tuitions!!! my trip ws fun i will post some of the photo's on flickr do check them out pls!!! :)

  3. I knw suku..Inka kuch nahi ho sakta.Khair.V r simply the best! *hi 5*