Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luck And Destiny: Made or Written?

Scene 1

ABC: Oh my god!!!! U topped. You are so lucky.

XYZ: Its not luck. I did work very hard for it.

Scene 2

ABC: Listen its okay. I know u never expected to get such low marks.

XYZ: I worked so hard. I was just UNLUCKY.

Luck. How do u define luck? Is it me or normal human behavior that everytime something goes wrong we blame our luck. And this so called luck only takes a back seat when something good happens in life. So a question to all of you is it me, human nature or just a young adult hormonal thing?

Moving on, everyone says “you are destined to do something important in life, you just haven’t found what it is till now.” Okay now this is really weird. If I am destined to make a huge mark on the society how is it that I have to make a path for it to happen? Isn’t my destiny supposed to lead me to it. I am not saying grab me by the hand and take me to it but atleast lighting the path would do the job or showing a flickering light in the tunnel would be good enough.

Destiny and luck are they two related terms? Are they different? Are they as different as chalk and cheese? Or as similar as Coke and Pepsi? And how is it decided? Am I fool thinking about this. Lastly, do you believe in destiny or luck?

I, presently, have no opinion

A little help would be considerate! Thanking You!


  1. Luck, Destiny are words that have an influence on things beyond your control - your life, injustice done to you by someone, etc. As far as success is concerned, luck does play an important part, but not in deciding whether or not you will achieve something but when you will.
    If I want to become a footballer, I start training. If I don't I know I will never become one. When I do, I may become very good but if the selectors overlook me, I may be unlucky, because I deserved to get in but I didn't. The important thing is to have faith and patience. If I continuously deliver, I will make it to the team someday.

  2. a confused kind of a blog posted by you this time. Personally speaking i do not believe in destiny or luck. They say that you make your own luck or destiny, but if this was the case these words shouldn't have existed in the first place. You are of what you do and the way you do it matters a lot. This means your approach towards certain things defines you and not your luck or destiny.

  3. Well, that was one awesome post!
    I dunno if i believe either. :|