Saturday, January 1, 2011

I have changed!

I guess now that I am entering into my last of teens ( yes I am growing old) I want to write more about some serious stuff and not just the normal teenage issues of rejection, first relationship, first crush or further on. Please don't get me wrong I loved writing about all this and will continue with it but with a deeper meaning to it atleast I shall try to add deeper meaning to it. I am changing and so is my blog name. As "My life as a teenager" comes to an end today I want to go back to my first post (which has been deleted by now). I remember sitting on my bed at 2 in the morning and writing it on a crumpled piece of paper and the next day without knowing I had made a blog. Blogging came to me naturally. This is where I was myself and didn't need to worry about what people would think. People read, they commented and encouraged me to write. As months past by "My life as a teenager" grew and I grew with it. It matured in some stages and I matured as a person. "My life as a teenager" taught me how to take criticism, like I have said before I became a new person with every post. Its with a heavy heart that I bid good bye to "My life as a teenager" and a hearty warm welcome to "I paint with words."

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