Thursday, June 13, 2013

The New Life

So I have shifted. (AGAIN)

This time the city is Hyderabad. This time I have grown up (well hopefully).

What am I doing now?  I am working! YESSSSS!!! Well okay, its a fellowship. But yes. I am working with Teach For India.

Why Hyderabad? Lets see nomadic me cant stay in the same place for more than a specified period I guess. Lets try something new. Hyderabad seems like a quiet and calm city (other than Telangana ofcourse).

Where have been ?
I have been working on graduating. Oh ya I graduated! Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). Sounds so fancy.

Marina Bay Sands
A day after the final exams of the brilliant (NOT) NMIMS trimester system I took a much needed vacation.

I finally took a trip to foreign land. Singapore! :D The city is beautiful. It makes one want to live there. I, personally, didnt want to come back.

I am not adventurous and definitely not an animal lover. Yet, my first stop was "The Night Safari." Little did I know what was ahead. Every corner of that place is picturesque and yes I was in full mode of spamming everyone's Instagram news feed.

But sadly, I have no pretty pictures from that safari as we were not allowed to use flash . I could make that sacrifice for the animals.

Being the total animation freak that I am, my next stop was but obvious. LETS GO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

I shall make that a different blog post. For now, enjoy this. :)
And glamorous it was :D 
When some things are too expensive to buy, I click a picture of it! :P 
A land Far Far Away! The Shrek Castle :)

I am not going to bore you with the rest of the trip. Except the panda, the waterfall and ofcourse Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.  Here are a few pics :) 

I never realized a man made waterfall could be this pretty. :) 
I want a Panda. They are just so chiller. All they do is eat and sleep. Now who wouldn't want a pet like that ? ;) 
 If your question is what next after Singapore? A week after the Singapore trip I left for Pune for my training. A training organized by Teach For India in the beautiful FLAME campus. The training was for a month. I have grown manifolds in this one month. I have started accepting people for who they are and dont be judgmental about them. I have started accepting my flaws and started working towards them. Eg: My insecurity. (Good work updating the blog Prats **pats self on the back**) Things are no more black or white I do see the grey shade now. Also I believe every person has a story backing them. Some stories that I have heard in the past one month are quite interesting. (All too personal to mention on a blog.)

Pune also saw my wild child phase. Pune saw me with people who I generally wouldnt talk to. The city saw me spending time till wee hours of the morning just talking to people. I will love Pune for all my memories attached with the city. The institute I guess, is one of the best parts in a fellow's life. (Oh yeah we are called fellows :D )
Dee And Pooja :D 
Panki And Suits :D 

FLAME has one of the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. It has a lake which saw me sitting there for hours just pondering on life and its ways. It is green which made working  easy. Institute makes you meet people from all walks and all strata's of the society.  I lived a month with some of the most deep people I have ever met.

I might know these four idiots only for a month but I feel as though I have formed a bond for life. I lived with these idiots and made their life miserable with constant drama. But then again, these are the people who make me believe in myself. These are the people who believe that I am doing a good job in my class and not screwing the child's education. Also, these are the people who make me realise that one just has to be happy at all times and there are good people around. Today, as I jot this down I do miss my Tapri gang. :(

The training is over and I have started teaching in my class now. Its too early to say anything about my class right now, as it has just been two days. Except one incident did make a big impact.

I have a class of 35 or so at present and it is a rather task handling them.  Today was one of those days where no one was listening to me. I got worked up in my class. One of my students, Sowmya, could see that I was not in the best form. After lunch she took it up on her own to keep the class quiet. If she saw anyone talk this is what she said "Keep quiet! Didi is trying to teach. Listen to her." My star she is!

What a star :D
Thats all folks! A rather long and life story blog :P

A few pointers: 
a) I will be blogging often now and more so about my class. 
b) I will continue to write short stories. Working on a new angle now. 
c) I know this blog seemed like a photoblog but I have been clicking a bit off late and thought should share it. :)
d) Its been 5 years to this blog. I really have come a long way from "My life as a teenager to I paint with words." Just wondering do we need a new name? **puts on a thinking cap**
e) In other news, Rafa won his 8th French Open title! :) 

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