Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Maths Class

After a week of just sunshine, comes a week of cloudy amazing weather. Okay..... not amazing but still better. It's The CARMEL FEAST. So, you expect to do SOMETHING FUN in school. Guess what? Your school decides fun for 12th standard is studying MATHS for two BLOODY periods right in the morning. As students, I am pretty sure you will not define FUN in this manner (unless you are like a geniusin maths). Okay! So your teacher enters class with same look on her face which says , "Time to slaughter." No she is not a cannibal but torturing young adults for two whole periods with "Relations and Phunctions" is murdering them slowly.
Me and S cant handle this right in the morning. So plan made, we will not PAY ANY ATTENTION. We first try and make a plan for Harry Potter 6. We list all the possibilitie, none of them work out. Chuck it! Time to play "cross and nuts". That gets boring so we plan to play the dots thingie. You know where you make dots on the page and then you make square's. Then write your initials on it. Ya..... It's fun(in a maths class only :P). But the dot thingie takes a lot of time to make so we chuck that idea too. Then we do what we do best and the BEST thing to do in a maths class. Write lyrics of songs. Both of us get bored midway ............ so that plan also doesnt work out. The BELL rings..... Yes! Only one more period to go.
The next period starts. The teacher has started suspecting that we are not paying attention so in between we start nodding just to make sure she doesnt suspect anymore. Sister checks the mic, all hopes arise in the room just to be shattered by the announcement that 6th and 7th have been called down for the feast. The rest of the period goes by checking the watch every two seconds, looking for hope from the inercom and listening to "Yam belongs to Yan." Yes..... "M belongs to N."
Yes........ I havent understood a word in the whole class. The benefit of this:- My blog gets a new post. =)


  1. Very funny.
    I used to play Cows and Bulls.
    I don't think you know that one.
    It's anything but boring!
    I like your blog.
    Goes with the title.

  2. I used to be the confused kid in the class who didn't knw what was going on most of the time. And viveka went widout a proper maths notebook the whole year which is an achievement of sorts in yannie's class where she used to stare ar us all the time.. Lol! Genuius us ;)

    P.S-Shilpa would kill you if she EVER read it :P

  3. i never used to study in math class initially thinking i'd do it in tuitions anyway, but as tuitions got a lot more interesting (:P) *starts dreaming* i had to listen in class and funnily enough i guess vas and i were the only ones awake, thanks to a lot a music and coffee.